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PD Particles 5.0

PD Particles is a software program for sketching, painting with particles
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PD Particles is a powerful painting application and image editor. This program provides a type of brush (also found in Project Dogwaffle Professional ) called a particle brush. This utility makes it possible to apply an incredible number of effects to our digital images. This program also enables us to create new artistic pieces in a whole range of size/formats, including NTSC, PAL, VGA, HDTV, Digital Film, etc. There are many presets that will give us various types of grass and foliage, fireworks, waterfalls, etc. The type of the lines that we draw with the particle brushes can vary a lot, as it depends upon many parameters currently associated with the brush (width, opacity, random position, random hue,etc.) and some other inputs, like pressure (if using a tablet) and speed, which can affect size, opacity and more.

There are many tools including filter, paper textures, alpha tools, and so on. The context-sensitive user interface is very easy to handle. PD Particles is delivered on a commercial basis with free updates. The free update patch for this version introduces many plugins, such as Penny paint, FogFilter, Weave, GraphicPen, PlasmaHSV, MaxSharpen, or MysticVison. We may use PD Particles in conjunction with Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Cinema 4, etc.

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  • Free update patches for PD Particles
  • Free plugins
  • Affordable utility
  • Huge range of artistic effects


  • No trial version
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